Anyone making a substantial investment in their home decor knows the concern over durability, stain resistance, and other attributes influencing your fabric and floorcovering selections. Many favored whites take a backseat to a practical "second" choice when it comes to fabric for upholstery, when in fact a preventative stainproof application may be all that is needed to insure that the white stays white!

In the Boston/Cape Cod area, Alec has been a godsend to many fine homes! Every client who has had the pleasure of Alec's expert assistance knows well of whom we speak, and has probably made Alec's office number one of the first to follow 911 on their speed-dial.

A most important factor in the stain prevention process is receiving expert knowledge of various fiber combinations, and their positive and negative qualities. Improper analysis and treatment can create a problem out of a simple solution. Alec is careful in applying his preventative treatment. With proper analysis, he can help prevent the unfortunate possibility of someone applying the wrong treatment to an otherwise preventable stain. No less important is Alec's warranty of satisfaction and guaranteed service.

Have you ever really read the warranty information provided with the last stain prevention treatment you were provided? The next time you are offered a "stainproofed" guarantee with part of your new home product purchase, look carefully at the warranty that it provides. Look out for disclaimers which might virtually eliminate acids, alkalines, and other basic ingredients that are part of the many typical household stains, rendering them not warranted and voiding the promise!

We are blessed to associate with Alec's company, and are pleased to offer this "Ask Alec" section, where you can request guidance on your fabric/fiber related questions and concerns, and can also request an appointment for soil treatment and preventative applications. We are happy to coordinate the introduction, and to provide a list of Alec's pricing upon request.

If, after all your good intentions, an accident does happen on your prized fabric or rug, Alec is the one to ask for assistance or guidance.

Email Alec with your questions!

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