Interior and Architectural Design Services

At Simpler Pleasures HOME, we offer the same planning services for all of your interior design needs as if you were to walk in our store to utilize our services. Much preliminary planning can be done before you are able to actually come to your cape home and meet with us or our tradespeople. Many of our off-cape clients use us for their off-cape homes as well. Fax us a list of the things you need, and we will offer suggestions and a timetable for how your requests can be best achieved.

Ask Our Designers

Ask our designers any of your decorating and design questions, and we will respond promptly with an answer. For questions relating to new home design and construction, Ask our architect for direction on Design and Building ideas. We provide complete Architectural services for all residential, commercial, office upfit and retail applications. Utilize the benefits of coordination between the inhouse Architectural & Interior design services to formulate the most creative and efficient design detailing prior to bidding.


Let us help you "layout" some ideas. Here is a printable design grid and furniture templates to start planning any specific area of your home. Our DesignGrid is here for your planning whenever you wish to try out a room on paper with some furniture or other design ideas. There is no charge or obligation, and help is always available for further planning with this service.

For more personalized assistance, we suggest you ask one of our designers to correspond with you, and help layout and advise you on the items you need. Send us a photo of the space you need to work on, and we can pull together furniture, window treatment and fabric/finishing ideas. Detailed planning contracts can be discussed with our design department for your interior design, architectural design, or custom workroom needs.

We can coordinate all aspects of your local project, or ship any of the items you choose via our white-glove service to any location you choose. Let us help you plan specific pieces of furniture from our large selections offered with many well-known manufacturers, or utilize our custom workroom and talented local tradespeople to design and create just the right piece or pieces for your specific needs and spaces!

Our DesignGrid can be drawn in any scale you wish; for rooms up to 28' x 34', we suggest you use 1/4" scale (for larger spaces gridsheet is broken down to 1/8" scale as well). Shoot up the wall lines by running, in scale, the height of your ceiling out each direction from the basic room lines, and this sheet can later be cut and taped to form a 3-dimensional scale of your room, its windows with treatments, and the furniture in it! To see how a room might look, "paste" the many furniture options we offer for planning purposes, or ask our designer for help with this kind of planning and more! This should help you get a better feel for how certain pieces of furniture will fit into your plan, and help eliminate costly mistakes before you ever decide on your purchases.

Just click on DesignGrid and try out your room with some of our scaled models--print it out, cut and paste different items. We welcome you to fax it back with your dimensions and requests--we are here to help you create your next dream, and enjoy whatever parts of the process you'd like to involve your own creativity in!

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