See how a room might look with your selections!

Before you begin selecting furniture and fabric treatments, you will need to know the best size of the items to fit in your room.

The dimensions of one choice may be more appropriate than another to create the most effective finishing results in your space.

With SPDesignGrid, you can see and "feel-out" the size and scale of each of the pieces as they relate to your room, eliminating otherwise costly mistakes!

Following the simple instructions below, print (or download) SPDesignGrid as often as you need to scale each room or project. Then print to the same scale your chosen furniture, window, or accessory templates shown on the next page. You can then "cut & paste" for your desired results in the proposed space.

As shown in the SPDesignGrid samples here, you can create a 3-D model of your room simply by cut&fold application of the room dimensions, and try various layouts of your selected furniture and accessories.

Call, fax, or email our designers with any questions you may have. With your questions and measurents, our designers will be happy to offer their expert assistance on your important project!

Step 1:

Print the design grid and furniture template:

Browser Print: To print the design grid (44k) from your browser, click here, to print the furniture template (64k), click here, and when the image has loaded, in page-setup make sure your margins are 1/4 inch or smaller, then print the page at 100% as you usually do from your browser, or:

PDF Print: To download the templates as pdf files, click here for the grid (20k), and click here for the furniture (68k). Open them in Adobe Acrobat Reader and print from there. The latest browsers may open Acrobat and the pdf file inside the browser window.

Step 2:

Draw your room to scale on the grid. The red/dark lines mark 4-foot intervals, the yellow/light lines mark half-foot intervals. Include the walls, as shown. Draw the windows, doors, and other fixtures (radiators, etc.).

Step 3:

Cut out the furniture options you are considering. Place your furniture choices around the room grid to get a feel for the spacing.

Step 4:

Glue it down, and mail or fax it to us...

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