When you have that little bit of fabric you love, what do you do with it?

"Good things come in small packages"... "Sometimes the smallest things in the life have the biggest meaning"... "It's the little things in life that matter the most."

I think many of us can agree that despite the cliche of the aforementioned quotes, it truly is the little things in life that really do seem to matter the most. Whether it's an unexpected smile in passing, a picnic on the beach (our favorite!), or paying for the person's coffee in line behind you at Monomoy Coffee Company, these small gestures can turn a mediocre day into a great one!

But, those little things in life are not always found in social interaction. Sometimes they are the perfect shell you found at the beach while strolling along Chatham Light Beach, some extra fabric lying around, or a lost loved one's belongings. 

Whatever it may be, those "little things in life" on occasion seem to add up and maybe even begin to clutter up your space(s). Maybe they begin to collect a little dust or start trickling down the stairs. These little treasures are things that we love and don't know what to do with, yet can't seem to get rid of. If you're anything like us and you cherish the little things in life (maybe a little too much), then you know what we're talking about!

As an interior design shop, with an on-site workroom, we often find ourselves collecting remnants from projects past or unable to throw out those old samples when they are replaced with the new. We love to get creative and are always trying to find new ways to do so. 

Here's what we did recently for a young woman who was having some fun with a pillow story in a bedroom:

We had a little bit of fabric that we loved!


We created a pattern...


And then we cut up the fabric and sewed it together in a different way that worked with the pattern cuts.


Then we backed it and boxed it with a complementary solid.


And voila! She now has the most creative pillow that no one else will ever have!

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  • Georgianna

    I have some vintage silk to make into a pillow. Bought a pattern and have a sewing machine, but have never sewn silk. I will bring it all to your shop when I came back to Chatham in September. You may have other ideas for my silk pillow design. Thank you, Georgianna

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